When our pup Freya came home at 8 weeks we of course thought she was perfect. Hyper, but otherwise perfect. We did the generic puppy training class with mixed results but blamed the training failures on “she’s still a puppy”. This worked well for the first month or so but soon enough she started exhibiting food aggression and resource guarding. We found ways to manage the situation well enough. We gave her space when she was eating, left her alone when she went in her kennel with a toy, knew not to get too close when she was sleeping on the couch after a full day of playing hard. But as time went on we started to feel less in control of the situation and how our household was running. We seemed to be bending to fit Freya’s behaviors rather than training her to fit our rules. That’s when we called Emily and Carlo for help. People often think they can’t get good training help from experts far away – not true! Emily and Carlo met with us for a few video chats and did an excellent job of spelling out the training steps we needed to take to change Freya’s behaviors. They were super receptive to texts, emails and phone calls about any questions that came up along the way. Now we’ve got the tools we need to manage Freya and her behaviors better and our house is much less stressful as a result! Thank you Du Nord!