A Board and Train is doggy boarding school at Du Nord’s home base.  Dogs will be practicing new foundations, learning skills, having a ton of fun, and practicing real world scenarios to go home with success.  If you find yourself saying, “My dog listens 80% of the time – it’s just that other 20% that’s hard.”  Or, “I find that our family can’t do X, Y, or Z because of the dog.”  Then most likely a board and train would fit your needs. Owners can rest easy for this month while we put in the leg work. Once your furry friend gets home, it’ll be your turn to reinforce their new lifestyle. Please contact us directly so we could determine if this is the right program for you.*

Some of the things your dog will be learning during this time include:

  • Walking politely on the leash
  • Calm car behavior
  • Being a good housemate
  • Reliable Off-leash Recall
  • Sit/Stays
  • Down/Stays
  • Place Duration
  • Thresholds (not bolting out the front door or car doors)
  • Crate manners
  • Minor behavior modification of general bratty/pushy behavior: jumping on guests, counter surfing, eliminating in the house, etc

Some of the things your family will be learning during this time include:

  • How to effectively communicate with your dog
  • The art of saying no… and yes.. to meet your goals
  • Importance of all family members to be on the same page for your dog’s success
  • Marker systems
  • Leash Handling skills
  • Consistency


  • 3 week Board and Train: $2000 + cost of training equipment (typically a $250 additional fee)
    • Board and Trains include weekly updates with resources and videos. If owners are from the Twin Cities area, Board and Trains will include two separate 1:1 sessions with owners. One of these will be half-way through training and the other at pick-up.  For those outside of the Twin Cities, the pick-up session will be extended to 2-3 hours with a virtual mid-session.  Every Du Nord graduate family will receive lifetime email and phone support and will be eligible for boarding when their owners need a break.
    • Additional weeks required would be based on assessment of trainer and realistic goals of owners. Additional weeks are $500/week.

*Please note, Du Nord Dogs does not rehabilitate severely aggressive dogs or those with extreme separation anxiety and will do our best to pre-screen to make sure we can ensure safety of your dog inside the house at all times. This can be re-evaluated at any point in the training process.